About Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC)

The science is clear – we have left it too late to cut humanity’s carbon emissions. Now we need to not only take immediate action to decarbonise the global economy, we will also need to remove massive amounts of CO2 from atmospheric air.

Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) leverages technology to filter CO2 directly from air, which can then be turned into rocks underground, or used as an industrial gas to replace dirty fossil CO2. Because one car-sized DACC machine can absorb as much CO2 from air as 10 hectares / 25 acres of forest, it is a highly scalable solution to removing CO2 from air, at least in places with enough renewable energy available.

Kenya is such a place, with bountiful geothermal power available, and the potential to produce 10x more at much lower costs if industrial power users can be found to buy some of the resulting electricity. DACC can provide just that stable demand for renewable power, and so help in the fight against energy poverty in East Africa.

About Octavia Carbon

We’re reinventing the Direct Air Carbon Capture industry

Octavia Carbon is an East African company applying a project developer and contract manufacturer model to Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) to lower costs and so scale up global DACC deployment, starting with fully commercial CO2 utilisation in Kenyan floriculture.

Industrial CO2 is expensive in countries that have not yet developed off the back of fossil fuels. Octavia will source DACC technology from global partners to supply East African offtakers with affordable CO2. At the same time, we will work to bring online East Africa’s large potential for DACC + geological CO2 sequestration. These use cases will allow us to create the world’s largest DACC facility as soon as 2023, and to become global cost leaders at manufacturing and deploying DACC machines shortly after that.

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